Celebrating 100 years of the Whitworth Society Sir Joseph Whitworth

Welcome to the Whitworth Society

In 1923 the President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a Whitworth Scholar, Dr. H Hele-Shaw, founded the Whitworth Society. The society is still running today and provides an informal contact between all ages of Whitworth scholar and a means to promote outstanding engineers and engineering in the UK. The aim of the society is to bring closer those who have benefited from Sir Joseph Whitworth's generosity, so that his memory may be kept alive. Details of how to become an award holder, and the scholarships available to young engineers and the apprentice prize scheme can be found on the official awards website

'Portrait of Sir Joseph Whitworth' by T B Kennington
Courtesy of The Whitworth Art Gallery, The University of Manchester

Society Activities

The society meets twice a year. The first annual meeting is a dinner that is usually held in London on, or near to, the date of Sir Joseph Whitworth's letter to Disraeli. The second meeting is a two-day summer meeting held in an area of interest that is usually related to the engineering activity of the current president.

Sir Joseph Whitworth

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